Why trade FX when AI can do it for you?

Why trade FX when AI can do it for you?

The potential for artificial intelligence to improve our lives – helping us achieve our goals faster and more efficiently – is almost beyond our imagination.

This is not only true in fields such as medicine, engineering and technology but also, most excitingly for the Halcyon team and our clients, in the forex market.

A more intelligent way to trade forex

In the forex market – where more than USD 5 trillion changes hands on a daily basis – AI is on the verge of revolutionising the way we do things.

For starters, systems using AI technology can analyse thousands of markets for potential trading opportunities at a scale that humans can barely even contemplate. In fact, AI-powered trading algorithms can analyse multiple scenarios, identify the most promising opportunity, enter and exit a trade, and pocket a profit – all within a blink of an eye.

“Not only can AI help us analyse markets and execute trades faster, but it can do this far more intelligently than humans, to achieve better results.”

Replacing emotion with logic

Every trader knows that human emotion is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to trading. Often – especially when the market is volatile – emotion can get in the way of wise trading decisions when people trade for themselves.

While emotion may be inherent to human nature, it is no longer something that traders need to be at the mercy of. By eliminating human decision-making from trading, algorithmic trading gives every investor the ability to identify and execute trades in a more logical and systematic way.

But it is when we combine standard trading algorithms with AI and machine learning that the real magic happens. The analysis and intelligence that informs every trade is multiplied exponentially. And this is the trading revolution that is taking place right now.

The future of trading is here

The amount of money traded on the forex trading market is not the only reason forex trading is so attractive to investors. (As the largest financial market in the world, it’s even bigger than the stock market.)

The forex financial advisor market also offers high liquidity, round-the-clock trading and the ability to leverage trades, which make forex trading a profitable and rewarding way to create wealth.

Of course, actually trading the market successfully takes time and effort. Analysing market movements is a complex exercise. What’s more, slippage, spreads and commissions can turn an otherwise profitable trader into a losing one. So what’s the best way to take advantage of the market’s opportunities? The answer is more systematic trading using algorithms.

“According to some sources, 90% of successful traders already use algorithms in some way to make their money today.”

If you think that sounds like a huge number, keep in mind that the vast majority of independent traders are in fact unprofitable. So, among those who are profitable, it should come as no surprise that most rely on algorithms. Humans simply do not stand a chance against these sophisticated systems, which are programmed for precise data analysis and emotion-free decision-making.

Not only changing trading, but the market itself

Interestingly, the proliferation of AI trading is not only changing the way people trade, it is also changing the very nature of the market itself.

According to a recent article by Innovation Enterprise, AI has already started to reduce volatility in the forex market. And with volatility being the very thing that creates opportunities for profit, this is in turn making it more difficult for traders who stick to old manual discretionary trading methods to have an edge in today’s market.

This reduction in volatility is mainly attributed to the fact that human traders make trading decisions based on emotions, and are therefore more likely to overreact during turbulent times. Machines, on the other hand, only act as they are programmed to do, and thus tend to smooth out these overreactions.

This means that for the average trader who is just getting started in forex, it’s never been more important to harness the power of AI algorithmic trading.

Having the right team on your side

Nobody is more dedicated to utilising the intelligence of AI to help investors capture the opportunities of the forex market than Halcyon.

As a truly innovative team with a passion for helping serious investors achieve the higher returns they’re looking for, we have spent years developing and testing our proprietary AI algorithm.

It’s a system that analyses over 37,000 different data points in real time to identify those trades that are going to deliver the results our clients are seeking.

And if the results are anything to go by, the future of AI trading is a promising one indeed.

“While past results are obviously historical, our impressive returns of up to 24% p.a. since inception show we’re definitely doing something right.”

If you want a smarter way to maximise your potential returns, the Halcyon trading algorithm is designed to take the hard work out of trading the forex market. Talk to us today to find out how you can be part of the future of trading, and how together we can take your investments to a new level.