The AI Trading Revolution is here

The AI Trading Revolution is here

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning is on the verge of dramatically transforming humanity and this is having a direct impact on how we trade in the financial markets. AI is taking the ‘human’ out of trading with the potential to deliver better trading decisions and consistent yield, minus the time traditionally required to trade in forex, stocks and other financial markets.

AI technologies comprehensive smarts recognise chart patterns and make trades based on probabilities. Not only can the machine recognise a technical chart pattern, by using machine learning it becomes better and better at doing it over time. This then repeats itself to a point where no human has any chance to keep up with the AI-powered trading algorithm.

Sue Dingwall co-founder of Halcyon, a leading AI Trading business based in Sydney, London and Singapore said, “robot trading or algorithmic trading already makes up a huge part of trading volumes on public exchanges around the world now making up approx 60% to 90% of all trading volume in the US stock market.” 

With such strong adoption of AI technology over the past few years, it is no surprise that financial institutions and savvy high net worth investors who are in search of strong, consistent returns and a diverse portfolio are getting on board.

Adam Truelove co-founder of Halcyon and a currency trader and technical trading educator with 10+ years’ experience said, he started using AI and machine learning trading systems to cut his trading hours down by 90% and achieve consistent returns. He said ‘this is exactly why we set up Halcyon. We call it intelligent wealth creation. Our AI-powered trading algorithm continuously analyses thousands of data points in the forex markets in order to calculate the most probable direction of the market. And with more than three years of live trading data already on record, the algorithm has already proved its worth’

With a fee structure that is largely performance-based, the Halcyon algorithms’ successful track record targets a conservative annual return of 24% per annum for investors. Adam says this is “the way of the future and how things should be done in the asset management space.’’

To find out how to get on board with the next revolution in the financial markets contact the Halcyon team today. For direct access to Halcyon’s results summary click here.