Halcyon Global CEO Adam Truelove presenting at Emergence 2020 – Australasia’s Flagship Investment Conference.

About the event:

Emergence 2020 powered by Wholesale Investor and CRIISP is Australasia’s flagship conference for investment.

This three day event explored the latest investment plans trends and opportunities from startups to crypto through to emerging and listed companies. Throughout the event the stage was fueled with specialist knowledge on capital raising and market trends and featured high-profile, world-class speakers,renowned investors, entrepreneurs and investment groups along with bringing the latest innovations to the stage.

Emergence gave attendees direct access to our CEO, Adam Truelove as he introduced Halcyon, our innovative machine-learning, AI trading algorithm for the elite investor, on the main stage for the first time

Attendees were eager to learn and share best practices and the audience was a valuable resource of this event itself with networking opportunities weaved into the event. Over 2,000 attendees came through the doors, representing High-Net-Worth and Sophisticated Investors, Professional Investment Groups (Venture Capital, Private Equity, Family Offices, Funds and Investment Banks), Industry, Government bodies, Founders, Managing Directors and CEOs.

About the Presentation:

Adam Truelove founded Halcyon Global as a cutting-edge wealth creation solution for the elite investor. With over 10 years’ experience in the foreign exchange market, Truelove has accumulated an expert understanding of the FX market and has a proven track-record of success for his clients through the changing ecosystem. Through his time coaching one on one clients, as well as speaking and mentoring many investors Truelove has seen that the most prominent obstruction to someones trading success is the human spectrum of emotions. The answer presented itself and Halcyon Global was founded.

Halcyon Globals’ AI technologies recognise chart patterns and make trade decisions based on probabilities. Not only can the machine recognise a technical chart pattern, but by using artificial intelligence machine learning it becomes better at doing it over time. This repeats itself to a point where no human has any chance to keep up with the AI-powered trading algorithm. It is analysing more than 37,000 different data points in real time, learning along the way, to ensure your investment outcomes are as intelligently fuelled as possible.

Mitigating emotions altogether, the algorithm is able to detect important data occurrences and assist in the intelligent wealth creation for elite investors. With over three years’ of Forex results, using data collected from the very beginnings of human investment history, the trading algorithm has a target return of 24% p.a.* The Ai program has hedging capabilities to reduce losses, as well as human monitoring.

To find out how to get on board with the next revolution in the forex market contact the Halcyon team today. For direct access to Halcyon’s results summary click here.

* Investment return is a target only. Past performance is based on technical analysis and is not a guarantee of future income.
Please note, that before making any investment decision, we suggest talking to your financial adviser to ensure it’s appropriate for your needs and investment objectives. Successful trading is dependent on the market at the time and trading forex is at your own risk.