Fintech Goes Mainstream

Fintech Goes Mainstream

Financial technology is bringing foreign exchange trading into the mainstream in what can only be described as the fintech revolution. Forex trading was once exclusively the domain of knowledgeable market analysts. The tools of the trade were simply inaccessible to the average person unless they worked in finance or had decades of experience and contacts. But thanks to fintech, forex trading is now in the palm of your hand via your smartphone, attracting new users every week from across the globe. In essence forex is being slowly democratised. As a result FX has experienced an influx of trade activity worth $6.6 million trillion. Now we’ve got your attention.

The FX market is extremely volatile and sensitive to socio-economic conditions. For this reason investors have long waited for technology that could help them gain some semblance of control over their trading outcomes. With hundreds of thousands of data points to consider, investors have long requested new technologies to assist them with complex trading decisions. Analytical capabilities and managing risk were the top priorities when developing fintech. However, the fintech revolution has been so great that the results have gone beyond our initial expectations. Consumer focused, easy-to-use trading tools have provoked a monumental change in our approach to trading. At Halcyon Global we stand at the forefront of the fintech revolution by providing innovative AI solutions.

Until recently fintech only played a supporting role for individual traders. While some fintech tools were useful for problem solving, ultimately trade decisions remained with the investor. This means that trades continued to be influenced by emotions and the consequences could be costly. Even when bolstered by smarter and smarter fintech solutions, trading remained hampered by human limitations. Traders need to sleep but the forex market stays open 24/7. The nature of FX posed a problem for traders no matter how experienced – since the market is practically impossible to monitor. And since trades can be influenced by the even slightest change in market conditions, this represented a real problem and danger area within trading.

At Halcyon Global we believe the best trading decisions are made with precision and intelligence, rather than emotion or intuition or limited data sets. We put our trust in the data points. What we wanted from fintech was limitless capabilities and growth. This is why we developed an AI trading algorithm. Our AI system can analyse 37,000 data points in real time to make intelligent trading decisions. We wanted to remove the risk of human error by developing a fully-automated, multi-layered AI system to execute our trades. We wanted a learning AI system that never sleeps and does the hard work for us. We succeeded. To date, our AI technology has delivered consistently impressive average returns, with a target return of 24% p.a. (after fees). We think this is the most exciting technology to come out of the fintech revolution and we want to put it at your fingertips.