Our wealth creation solution is not fund or a trading platform. It is a supervised, multi-layered automated AI trading algorithm that uses machine learning to interpret and adapt to its environment, for improved outcomes when trading the forex market. By using the latest fintech to help you invest in forex more successfully, our algorithm does all the hard work for you.

Our model analyses over 37,000 data points in real time to make more informed trading decisions. Combined with AI capabilities that improve over time, the system is designed to help enhance returns, while reducing risk.

Our AI trading algorithm has rigorous built-in risk management strategies that have been thoroughly back-tested over years of operation. As an extra safeguard, all trading is monitored by our skilled forex traders. This allows us to monitor the market around the clock and minimise the effect of any events that might impact your investment.

Halcyon’s algorithm enables you to trade CFDs (contracts for difference) in popular currency pairs including EUR/USD, USD/JPY and NZD/USD.

As the world’s most traded financial market, the forex market offers 24-hour decentralised (or “over-the-counter”) currency trading. While its volatility can be a source of risk, its dynamic nature also ensures plenty of opportunities for profit – with the right tools, you can turn market movements to your advantage. Your trade can be leveraged, meaning you only have to provide a small initial deposit (known as a margin) to have a position, while having full exposure to the market’s potential (of course this can also increase risk your exposure to risk). What’s more, with a daily average turnover of around $5 trillion, and millions of people trading around the world at any one time, the forex market is more liquid than any other financial market.

The Halcyon AI trading algorithm is on the cutting edge of fintech innovation. Not only is it able to analyse tens of thousands of possible data points in milliseconds to drive smarter trading decisions, but its machine learning capabilities mean that it is constantly improving. Our track record of impressive results speaks for itself.

After contacting us and giving us authority to trade on your behalf, we can help you set up your account through our broker, Royal Financial Trading. You can set up an account in your name, in a corporate name or as an SMSF. We will then help you install the algorithm on your account.

All forex trading on behalf of our clients is performed by the algorithm (except when our traders decide to intervene to minimise the effect of any events that might negatively impact your investment). While you can monitor your investments online 24/7, you cannot place trades yourself. Neither Halcyon nor Royal Financial Trading provides an MDA service via the use of the trading algorithm. Of course, if you have any questions about your investment, we’re here to chat to you any time.

You can view your investment performance 24/7 on your phone or desktop through the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, a leading forex trading platform.

Our annual management fee is 2% p.a. and our monthly performance fee is 30% on profit achieved, which is subject to a high-water mark.

At Halcyon, the safety and security of your information and investment funds is our priority. Halcyon and our partners including our broker, Royal Financial Trading, and the MetaTrader platform, use the latest technology to ensure the highest levels of security including log in and investment processes, fraud prevention and platform reliability. You can read our full privacy policy. Please note that our partners and other websites that you may use in the process of trading have their own security and privacy policies that you should be aware of.

While you can access your money online at any time through our broker, Royal Financial Trading, we recommend a 30-day closing period. This allows us to close out your open positions in the most favourable way that could benefit you.

Our trading algorithm is designed to provide enhanced wealth creation opportunities to wholesale investors by taking advantage of a cutting-edge AI forex investment solution. If you’re considering whether the algorithm could be a suitable strategy for you, please get in touch. We love meeting with interested investors to tell them more.

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