Halcyon’s fully automated AI machine-learning trading algorithm is a supervised, multi-layered system specially designed for the forex market. By executing those trades it identifies as the most promising, it does the hard work for you.

Putting some of the industry’s most exciting new technology at your fingertips, the algorithm has been created by an experienced team of traders, behavioural science specialists and software developers.

With over three years of live trading data since being introduced in 2015, the algorithm has traded millions of dollars globally. To date, it has delivered consistently impressive average returns, hence its target return of 24% p.a. (after fees). 1

Unlike other trading systems, our model uses a proprietary neural network that analyses over 37,000 different data points. All in a matter of milliseconds.

This enables it to make more informed decisions and enhance the accuracy of every trade through intelligence that is constantly learning and adapting to its environment. By identifying patterns of pre-set mathematical models such as fractals, chaos and waves, it is able to forecast market trends in real time.

Our clients are able to invest in foreign exchange CFDs including currency pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY and NZD/USD.


PER ANNUMTarget return
(after fees) 1

3 years

of verified trading data

1. Investment return is a target only. Past performance is based on technical analysis and is not a guarantee of future income.


Maximising potential returns while minimising risk

While the forex market can be perceived as being more high risk, the upside is that it can offer significantly higher potential returns than traditional investments such as cash, shares, bonds and property.

To harness the market’s enhanced potential while managing risk as much as possible within its parameters, our dynamic AI trading algorithm has rigorous in-built hedging strategies. By constantly analysing and responding to market movements, these ensure more intelligent trading decisions to minimise loss.

What’s more, trades are constantly monitored by our highly experienced traders. Giving you the best of both the human and AI worlds.

Results that speak for themselves

To see our trading results since inception, view our results. 1